Book Review: Something to Tell You by Lucy Diamond

*I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*

Title: Something to Tell You

Author: Lucy Diamond

Publisher: Pan

Publication date: May 30, 2019

ISBN: 9781509851126

Synopsis from Goodreads:
When Frankie stumbles upon an unopened letter from her late mother, she’s delighted to have one last message from her . . . until she reads the contents and discovers the truth about her birth. Brimming with questions, she travels to York to seek further answers from the Mortimer family, but her appearance sends shockwaves through them all.
Meanwhile, Robyn Mortimer has problems of her own. Her husband John has become distant, and a chance remark from a friend leads Robyn to wonder exactly what he’s not been saying. Dare she find out more?
As for Bunny, she fell head over heels in love with Dave Mortimer when she first arrived in town, but now it seems her past is catching up with her. She can’t help wondering if he’ll still feel the same way about her if he discovers who she really is – and what she did.
As secrets tumble out and loyalties are tested, the Mortimers have to face up to some difficult decisions. With love, betrayal and dramatic revelations in the mix, this is one summer they’ll never forget.

This book was exactly the book that I needed when I picked it up a few weeks ago. While it deals with some heavy topics, it truly is a story of love and the strength of family. Diamond has written a story that explores those true and deep bonds that connect loved ones, even in the harshest of circumstances. Each one of the Mortimers is facing their own difficulty. Infidelity, abuse, and lies have stricken their seemingly perfect world, smacking into their center out of nowhere. Suddenly, each of these family members is dealing with difficulties they couldn’t have even fathomed.

Diamond has constructed fully and compelling characters who have their own distinct voices, challenges, and histories. This novel is told from various perspectives, each standing alone from the other, but ultimately these stories are intricately intertwined. Something to Tell You is a story of love and reconciliation. It shares the idea of what it truly means to be a part of a family–to love and support one another through the most difficult of times. Although there are many difficulties faced by the characters in this book, it is witty and humorous throughout. Diamond finds the perfect blend of lighthearted storytelling with difficult family struggles to create a compelling and appealing read.

If you’re looking for something quick, but still infused with meaning, grab a copy of Diamond’s Something to Tell You. It may not be the most challenging or the most contemplating read, but it’s relatable story and it’s vibrant characters make it an engaging read.

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