Top Ten Tuesday

Hello all! I’ve been away camping for the past few days and it’s nice to be back again. And this means I’m back again to share with you my favourite top tens. I do miss the sun and the beach and the sand, but this week I’ve got an exciting topic to share with you:Continue reading “Top Ten Tuesday”

Funky Cover Friday

Happy Funky Cover Friday! What covers are you jonesing for this week? My favourite cover of the week is on Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon’s¬†Daytripper. This is such an attention grabbing image. The use of whitespace in contrast to the colour is a genius design. It suggests a vibrancy that exists within memory and imaginationContinue reading “Funky Cover Friday”

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to my first Top Ten Tuesday!!!! I’m looking to try something new here. I was told about Top Ten Tuesdays a few weeks ago and I’ve been wanting to give it a try. I’ll post my top ten for the week and I’d like to hear back from you about what you think. ThisContinue reading “Top Ten Tuesday”

Delectable Daytripper

I’ve fallen in love. It happens occasionally where you stumble upon a book you never expected to find and you read it because you have a slight interest in the topic, but you never expect to love it. And then you do. This was my experience for the graphic novel “Daytripper” by Gabriel Ba andContinue reading “Delectable Daytripper”