Review: Petit Collage Wooden Toys

Petit Collage toys, image from @wornpagesandink on Instagram

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing a few wooden toys from Petit Collage, generously sent to my by Raincoast Books. I have to first say that these toys are just beautiful, both in design and construction. I received the Happy Bear Wooden Stacker, the Busy Tree Wooden Twist Puzzle, and the Animals + Babies Matching Game.

The stacker and the twist puzzle have become immediate staples in our play room. The bright colours attract Little Worn Pages. He’s drawn right in. Although he’s not yet stacking or completing the puzzle, he’s endlessly fascinated with the adorable graphics. Plus, they look SO cute displayed on his toy shelf. They’re both aesthetically pleasing to parents and visually stimulating for babies.

The matching game is a few years beyond Little Worn Pages’ comprehension, but I can’t get over how cute and fun this game is. We’re going to have a great time pulling this out for him in a year or two. I used to love matching games as a child, and I hope he will as well. These brightly-coloured baby animals are easy to identify and distinct enough that when it comes to matching, with varying colours and patterns it’s not too difficult for little ones to tell them apart.

One big bonus for these products is that they are sustainable. Petit Collage has a distinct sustainability mission that strives to reduce waste and work towards a more sustainable and better future for our children. Their products are made with FSC Wood, vegetable inks, recycled materials, or organic cotton. We make a huge effort in our household to find sustainable and environmentally responsible products for our little guy and so this product’s mission aligns closely with our own values.

I hope those of you with little ones will enjoy these products as much as we are!

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