Book Review: Go to Sleep (I Miss You) by Lucy Knisley

*I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*
Title: Go to Sleep (I Miss You)
Author: Lucy Knisley
Publisher: First Second
Publication Date: February 25, 2020
ISBN: 9781250211491

Synopsis from Goodreads:
Following the completion of her pregnancy memoir KID GLOVES (and the birth of her baby), Lucy embarked on a new project: documenting new motherhood in short, spontaneous little cartoons, which she posted on her Instagram, and which quickly gained her a huge cult following among other moms.

This book is the first encounter I’ve had with Lucy Knisley and her work, and I totally fell in love. Her comics are so fun and completely relatable as a new mother. Knowing how honest and down-to-earth her style is, I wish I’d also read Kid Gloves during my pregnancy. Go to Sleep (I Miss You) is a collection of autobiographical “cartoons from the Fog of New Parenthood,” as the cover proudly proclaims. Knisley takes the reader through all the weird ups and downs of motherhood as her little one grows from birth to a young tot throughout the book.

This collection is broken down into 8 sections that explore the highs and lows of everything from sleep training, to breastfeeding, to sleep deprivation, and more. As you can tell by some of the section titles, Knisley infuses humour into even the toughest moments:

Go to Sleep (I Miss You)
Chow Time
Parents are People
Bodily Fluids
Baby Inventions
Long Days
Short Years

I liked how straight-foward and witty her stories are. She doesn’t try to hold anything back, but each story is told with a comical twist. Her outlook on life as a parent is both uplifting and encouraging, without trying to hide the more difficult parts. I felt as though she is trying to convey key advice to other new parents, moms in particular, without shying away from tough topics.

For anyone else who’s a new parent out there, or who might know someone who is or is about to be a new parent, this short collection is reassuring and would make a fantastic gift.

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