Book Review: The Grizzly Itch by Victoria Cassanell

*I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Title: The Grizzly Itch
Author: Victoria Cassanell
Publisher: MacMillan Children’s Books
Publication Date: March 2020
ISBN: 9781529013573

Synopsis from Goodreads:
The first picture book from outstanding talent, Victoria Cassanell, The Grizzly Itch is a hilarious tale about how helping people often yields unexpected and wonderful surprises. Perfect for teaching children how to navigate first friendships and to encourage them to respect and enjoy the natural world.

As Mr. Worn Pages and I prepare for our little reader to arrive in a few short weeks, I’ve been starting to explore the world of children’s books. I’ve always had a soft spot for these beautiful artworks and short, but meaningful stories. When PGC Canada reached out to offer me a copy of The Grizzly Itch, I couldn’t say no. Right off the bat, I was taken with the beautiful watercolour cover and the cute faces of Bear and his friend Beaver. As soon as I opened these pages, I was enamoured, not just with the artwork, but the story as well.

Bear has an itch, and it’s not just an unbearable itch. It’s a GRIZZLY itch. This story follows bear as he search and fails to find something to relieve him of his itch. Through the bond of friendship with Beaver and the joint adventure to help one another out, Bear and Beaver are ultimately able to find a solution not just to Bear’s problem, but to Beaver’s as well. Teamwork and friendship win out in the end.

Anyone looking for new children’s books will enjoy this humorous and heartwarming tale. Cassanell tells her story through the perfect balance of words and imagery, not spelling everything out in the written story, but taking the tale to the next level with visual story telling as well. The pictures are equally as important to telling the story as the words are. Everything comes together in the ultimate blend to tell a story of true friendship and problem solving.

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