The Home for Wayward Parrots by Darusha Wehm

36927444*I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*

Title: The Home for Wayward Parrots

Author: Darusha Wehm

Publisher: NeWest Press

Publication Date: May 1, 2018

ISBN: 9781988732275

Synopsis from Goodreads:
Accustomed to being an only child, adoptee Brian “Gumbo” Guillemot’s teenage hobby was searching for his birth parents. But when he finally finds his birth mother, Kim, he’s unprepared for the boisterous instant family that comes with her. Besides Kim, no one knows anything about Brian’s birth father. With Kim refusing to answer any questions about him, Brian must choose whether to continue the search, even if it means alienating his few friends and both his families. But the more he learns, the more he wonders whether some things are better left unknown.

The Home for Wayward Parents is the endearing coming of age story that takes place across time in a journey of one man as he seeks to discover himself, his past, and the birth parents that he’s never known. Brian (Gumbo–although he has a silly nickname) is an ordinary guy who’s a bit of a geek, is a bit of a softy, and is just an overall goofball. He’s always known he’s adopted and that he wants to find his birth parents, although he’s not quite sure how to tell his adoptive parents, especially once the search is well underway. Throughout his search, Gumbo reflects back on his past, his own thoughts on teenage parenthood, his relationships–both familial and romantic, and his growth from boy to adulthood. He’s not sure what to expect when he meets his birth mom, but what he finds is more than he could have ever hoped.

This story really warmed my heart. Brian (Gumbo) is relatable and is a bit of a big softy, which makes him completely adorable. He’s an idiot at times, but you can’t help but want to give him a hug. It’s easy to picture yourself in his shoes as he bumbles along his young adult life. Like any teen, he’s a bit of a wayward soul with little to no direction. As an adult, his life really starts to take a tangible shape as he begins to discover himself and the secrets of his past that not even he was aware of. Brian learns what the true meanings of family and love really are. His reality becomes more concrete the more he discovers and he begins to form unbreakable bonds with those around him.

Wehm’s writing is really open in this novel. She writes with clarity, understanding, and great wit and humour. Her characters are so lifelike and moving, creating a story that will tug at your heartstrings and bring a smile to your face. I recommend this book to any reader looking for a journey of love, family, friendship, and so much more.


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