Classic Weekend: The Invisible Man


The Invisible Man | H. G. Wells 

I’ve always been a huge fan of H. G. Wells, having studied him a bit in university. I decided it was high time for me to spend some more time reading more of his works. I picked up The Invisible Man from the library last week and spent my weekend reading. Although on the regular, I’m not a huge fan of Science Fiction, there’s something about Wells that does it for me.


Best line: “I am the Invisible Man.”

The Invisible Man was first released as a serial in 1897, and I can just imagine the excitement that it would have cause among readers. Although in today’s day and age it might read slightly hokey, it’s still fast-paced, violent, and speaks to a greater terror of the time: the fear of technology and fear of the unknown. The Invisible Man is invisible due to scientific experimentation gone awry. Written in a time at the cusp of huge technological change, Wells identifies the very real fear that many experienced at the unknown developments.

Favourite Cover:


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