Funky Cover Friday

I recently read Neil Gaiman’s Black Orchid and while I’m a huge fan of the artwork, the story itself didn’t hold my attention whatsoever. I wanted to share the artwork of the hardcover with you regardless of my opinions of the book because it’s beautiful. The entire book looks very much like this cover. The ominous, deadly, or threatening scenes are in harsh greys and blacks, while scenes of hope, love, or innocence are in these beautifully rich and vivid colours of purples and greens. Dave McKean is an extraordinarily talented artists.

The story for me was just ok. There’s really no other way to put it. I wasn’t wowed. I didn’t have any desire to pick up a similar book of any kind. I’m not all that interested in the Black Orchid as a hero. For me, the story was a flop, but the art was absolutely top notch.


Black Orchid | Vertigo | Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean | 2010 (originally 1988) | 9781401233358

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