Music Review: The Census


I’m going to try something a little bit different here for once, so bear with me. This EP just rolled across my desk and after giving it a listen (I’m always looking for a great new Canadian band to add to my playlist), I just had to share these guys with you. Who are they? The Census.

The Census is: Aaron Beaudrow, Aaron Brown, Alex Boothby, Brad Azzano and Zach Anderson

The Midnight Bus is the first release from London, Ontario originating band, The Census. Grown in a raw, youthful, fun-loving university town, this EP stands up strong against the many indie Canadian bands. These guys make an excellent case for themselves with this newly released EP.

“Cruisin'” starts off this EP with a sound that  makes me crave for summertime. Imagine driving down through the country, fields on either side of the road, the blue sky stretched out overhead. This is the song that’s playing on that trip. The melody is catchy and the instrumentals are smooth, juxtaposing nicely with the gravelly voice of the vocalist. This song is a reminder to just sit back, relax, and enjoy. They’ve got it right with this one: “You gotta cruise to survive.”

I love “Riverboat Gambler.” It’s the perfect blend of rock, bluegrass, and blues. The melody really jumped out at me with this one. I’m a huge sucker for a good banjo (and now mandolin as well!) and this one’s actually got a slight zydeco influence as well. The vocals in this song are so soulful and a bit woeful as well.

“Greenheart” is very Irish. It’s very reminiscent of Spirit of the West’s “Home for a Rest.” It pulled at my heart strings, calling me back to the homeland (yes, there’s some Irish in me way back somewhere). As a twenty-something recent graduate trying to get my life off the ground, these lyrics one gave me a chuckle because they summed it up right, “I can’t afford a mortgage, I can afford a car, I spent all of my money, on whiskey at the bar.” This is a love song the Emerald Isle, saturated deep with whisky.

The Census has a distinct, honest, and essentially Canadian style. Their raw voices and their love of drinking brought the waves of nostalgia for university living right back to me. It reminds me of the enjoyment we used to have, the wild abandon and the search for something more. Their songs grasp the essence of what it is to be a young adult, growing up in Canada. This EP reminds me of the freshness and excitement of life, especially those first years away from home, finding friends, staying up all night, and just living life.

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The price is pay what you choose. Click here to order: The Midnight Bus.


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