Review: River Talk by CB Anderson


*I received my copy of River Talk from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*

Title: River Talk

Author: CB Anderson

Publisher: C&R Press

Date Published: March 2014

ISBN: 9781936196463

River Talk

 Synopsis from Goodreads:

Surefooted and emotionally deft, the stories in River Talk introduce an unforgettable array of characters. A woman reconsiders her decision to join a fundamentalist compound and enter a polygamous marriage; a Somali refugee takes a job at the local mill to support her family; a college student attempts to right her world through the lens of mathematics; an Iraq War vet struggles to regain his compromised relationships. In spare yet vivid prose, Anderson explores loss and desire, regret and hope. Everywhere we are reminded of all that a single life contains.

I’m not a short story and this collection really proved that to me again. Although Anderson’s stories are a thorough and unique observation of the human experience in a small town, the art of the short story escapes me. I struggled with this book only because I felt as though I couldn’t connect to the stories and the characters. I read this book during the morning commute, but I will have to attempt it again another time in a more peaceful and relaxed setting. These stories are perfect for sitting at the end of a dock overlooking a serene lake with a mug of coffee. I hope I will have better success when reading without distraction.

Overall, Anderson’s writing is beautiful and intimate, I just couldn’t get into it. I wanted to enjoy it, but I will not be attempting any more short stories any time soon. I’m a novel girl, through and through. I hope you enjoy these stories more than I did. I’d love to hear about your experience reading Anderson’s River Talk.

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