Top Ten Tuesday Canada Day Edition!



Top Ten Tuesday: Canada Day Edition!

Happy Canada Day to all of my fellow Canadian bloggers and readers out there! In celebration of our great nation’s birthday, I’ve decided to make this week’s topic: Top Ten Canadian Authors. It’s time to get patriotic!

10. Jessica Grant – Although not well know, Jessica Grant’s Come Thou Tortoise was one of my favourite books in high school. It has a Shakespeare quoting tortoise. What’s not to love?

9. L. M. Montgomery – How can the author of Anne of Green Gables  not make a list about the top Canadian authors? I read the Anne series about eight years ago, I’ve seen the movie and television adaptation. She’s a crucial part of Canadian history and identity.

8. Kenneth Oppel – I’ll admit that the only series I’ve read by Oppel is the Silverwing series, but I had to put him on the list because this series was a huge part of my love of reading. I remember this series so vividly even though it’s been more than a decade since I read it. Excellent Canadian children’s literature.

7. Kate Beaton – I’ve followed Kate Beaton’s blog for years and I had a 2013 calendar, with each month displaying a different comic strip. Funny, smart, and appealing to the literature lover side of me, it’s no wonder I admire her work.

6. Esi Edugyan – Half-Blood Blues is a lovely read about the struggles of friendship, jealousy, and wartimes. Another excellent Canadian writer.

5. Wayson Choy – After reading and studying The Jade Peony I was hooked on Wayson Choy. His books fill my to-buy list. I was dying to meet him at IOFA this past year. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it out to see him, but meeting Wayson is definitely on my bucket list.

4. Heather O’Neill – Lullabies for Little Criminals is a stunning book. O’Neill’s writing is tragic and beautiful. Canada could use more authors like her.

3. Lawrence Hill – I’ve read a few books by Hill including The Book of Negroes and Some Great Thing. I had no idea he is Canadian, but it’s wonderful to have such great writing originating from right here at home.

2. Joseph Boyden – I’ve been a fan of Joseph Boyden for years. I read Three Day Road years ago and I was in love. I’ve read all of his novels and I’m obsessed with my signed copy of The Orenda.

1. Eden Robinson – I’d never heard of Robinson before studying her in a Canadian literature course, but I’m so glad that she was included in the curriculum. Her novel, Monkey Beach, should be a staple in Canadian high school English classes. Every teen and young adult needs to check her out because her writing is raw, truthful, and haunting.

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4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday Canada Day Edition!

  1. I love so many of these writer’s as well. Half Blood Blues was amazing and anything Kate Beaton writes is so funny. If you like Kenneth Oppel you should definitely check out This Dark Endeavour. And you’ve sold me on Come Thou Tortoise. A Shakespeare quoting tortoise sounds like a fun read.


  2. When you’ve read Come Thou Tortoise, let me know what you think! In high school, I really related to the protagonist. She’s kind of quirky, but it adds a very light-hearted element to the story. I’ll be looking into the Kenneth Oppel book 🙂


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